How can we assist you?

Call us to discuss your individual service needs.  We will work together to understand your needs, ensure we have a right match and build a relationship towards meaningful and purposeful service delivery,  to match your NDIS goals.

In Home Services

“Our main motive is to empower people with disabilities by offering services that support individuals with completing daily life tasks and improve their quality of life.”
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Capacity Building Options

“This service is designed to teach you vital skills such as preparing meals, transport training, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are also here to keep you informed on your rights for protection.”
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Your Accommodation Options

“We are here to find you a new house which will suit your holistic needs. You will be offered the support to live independently in your accommodation. All considerations will be made to increase your independence and comfort.”
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Support Coordination

“We provide full assistance, coordination, and support to people with disabilities in order to strengthen their ability to engage fully within the community.”
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Accessing The Community / Social Activities

“Our main goal is to improve your physical and mental well-being so that you can easily participate in social activities and have the opportunity to share your thoughts with those close to you.”
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Community Nursing

“It doesn’t matter what the situation is, our team of well-trained workers will provide you with personal care which is tailored to your needs and requirements so that you can perform daily life activities”
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What Our Team Can Do

Our leadership team has 60 years of combined NDIS and Disability Sector experience!

We understand that everyone has unique goals, will learn and develop new things in different ways. This is why your Individual Support Plan will be customised specifically to meet your personal goals and aspirations.

Our individualised capacity building services are designed to be personalised, engaging with meaningful outcomes.  We integrate a therapeutic support approach within select day-to-day activities.

Our aim is to personalise our services, promote capacity building,  independence and choice, where each person is assisted to work towards their optimum goals and lifestyle.

Moreover, we support Continuous Improvement, provide training to all our team members who have 24/7  access to our on-line learning and skills program.  We offer flexibility in our approach and delivery.  Our focus is on your strengths and interests. We will work with you to explore all the different options which best meet your capacity building needs.